How To: Start Your Own Blog

This How To: series has been quite popular. I have already posted a  How to: Cupcakes and How To: Meringue but for this new post I thought I would take a step away from baking and focus on some tips to get your blog started. Over the years I started many blogs posted once maybe twice if I was lucky and then gave up and never posted again. I don’t know what changed with this blog but I put a lot more time and effort into it I wanted this blog to succeed and it has, so I thought it was about time I shared some hints and tips.


Write About Something You Enjoy

First things first, what are you going to write about? What do you enjoy? What are your hobbies and interests? There is no point in writing about something just because you think it is what other people want to read you need to have some interest in the subject too. If you write about a subject you genuinely love then it will show through.


Once you have decided what you are going to write about it is time to decide on what you are going to call your blog. You need to name is something memorable and something that relates to what you are going to be posting about. For example, my name is Sarah and I post baking recipes so I decided to call my blog Sarahs Cake Blog it is short and to the point. People know what they are going to find when they search for my blog.

Social Media

Once you have decided on the name for your blog you need to register that name on social media too. Make new twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and any other social media site posts using your blog name. This will make it easier for people to follow you and find you on social media. If that name isn’t available try and make the social media name as close to the blog as possible. If you are blogging and using your name as the blog name then you can just use your original social media accounts for blog posts too.


Register your blog

Okay so you have thought of a name and what you are going to write about now it is time to decide who is going to host your blog. I use WordPress to host my blog, I find it super easy to use plus they have lots of different plans at all different price ranges. I have also seen a few bloggers who use and also BloggerIt is totally up to you which site you decide to go with.

Write your first blog post

Once you have registered your own blog you have your domain it is time to finally start writing (YAY!). It is totally up to you what you write about or how you start your first post. It might be an ‘About Me’ post but then you might have an ‘About Me’ page so you might just want to dive straight in and start writing about what you love. When you have finished writing your post it is so important to check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I use the app Grammarly to help and I also get a family member or friend to read the post before it goes live. If your posts are full of spelling and grammar errors then it might put people off from reading your future posts so it is so important to make sure you check and double check before you post it.

Promote your blog

Now it is time to promote your blog. You can post links to your blog posts on social media to let people know about the post. Also speaking to other people or bloggers online is a good way to promote your post. Use hashtags that are relevant to your blog and your new post to make it easier for people to find you. On Twitter, a lot of bloggers post follow trains so you can comment with the link of your blog and find other bloggers who are similar to yourself. Also commenting and liking other bloggers posts will help promote your blog.


Interact with others

This is sort of linked to the last point but you can’t just expect people to come to you, you need to work at it. You need to interact with other bloggers online the best place to do this is on social media. Whether it’s commenting on their social media posts or commenting and liking their blog posts, this will help you not only make blogging friends but also promote your blog posts. It is so nice to make friends with someone who is at a similar point in their blog as you and you can grow together.

Be consistent

This is another important point. You need to be consistent. If you are posting on your blog regularly then you will be more likely to get more views. If you only post once every few months then it is unlikely that your blog views will be high. People might be searching for you to see what new posts you have and if you don’t have any they will eventually stop visiting your site.


Of course, this is the most important part of blogging is to have fun and enjoy it. There can be a lot of work involved with keeping a blog, making sure you post regularly have new content as well as photos and perhaps videos too, but don’t forget the reason why you started blogging in the first place. Have fun creating content interacting with other bloggers and brands and if you find that it is becoming too overwhelming or you are struggling to keep up then take a break for a few weeks or months.


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Sarah x



2 thoughts on “How To: Start Your Own Blog

  1. I agree that we should write about a subject we genuinely love. It makes blogging more fun, and you’ll have a ton of ideas to write about. Interacting with other bloggers is really important. I’m so grateful for all the support that they gave me, especially when I was still finding my way in the blogosphere. I’m really having a problem with being consistent, but I’m working on it.

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