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This is a bit of a new blog post but I have seen a few other blogs doing it so thought I would jump on the bandwagon and let you lovely lot know what to look forward to on my blog in the next few months.

Recipe Wise

Recipe Wise there is quite a lot. I try and bake every weekend since I work Monday to Friday and don’t get much baking done during the week so I try and spend Monday to Friday writing up the recipes, scheduling posts and answering any questions you may have. During the weekend I tend to bake two recipes I have been trying to film them more recently so hopefully along with the recipe there will be a video to go along with it, or an Instagram bake along.

So coming soon you can expect to see (in no particular order):

Malteser Cupcakes


Very similar to my Malteser Truffle Cake which I posted at Christmas this is the cupcake version of the recipe.

Millionaire Cake

This was an ammmazing suggestion from someone on Instagram when I asked if there were any recipe requests or suggestions. I am so glad this was suggested because it is such a delicious cake and millionaire’s shortbread is one of my most favourite traybakes so I am excited to show you it as a cake version.

Malteser Easter Cookie Bars


Cookie bars are a new experiment I am trying out. I have seen a lot of different recipes on Pinterest and decided to give it and go myself. What better time to try out a recipe than Easter. These Cookie Bars are brimming full of Maltesers, Malteser Buttons and Malteser Bunnies.

M&M Millionaire Shortbread

I made this around about the time I made the M&M Cookie Cake I had some leftover M&Ms and M&M spread. The base of the traybake is exactly the same as normal, shortbread on the bottom, then caramel the top of the shortbread is the M&M part. The spread is mixed in with some extra chocolate and poured over the top of the caramel and left to set, then I sprinkled some extra M&Ms on top.

Oreo Easter Cake


This is the most ultimate cake I have ever made! It is a chocolate sponge, Oreo buttercream, a layer of Oreo biscuits in-between each cake layer. Decorated with Oreos and Oreo Easter Eggs.

Easter Rocky Road

I LOVE rocky road. So I just had to make an Easter version. This rocky road has every kind of Easter treat you can imagine. From M&M eggs to Malteser Bunnies and even mini Cream Eggs.

Lemon and Raspberry Cake

I made this cake back in January and have just never found the best time to post it. It is a refreshing cake but it also reminds me a bit of Spring which is why I didn’t want to post in in the winter. It is also a bit different from my usual cakes as I have made and decorated it with Macarons (first time I ever attempted them)

Coming soon chatty wise (again in no particular order):

‘Chatty’ posts are fairly new to me I only started posing them at the beginning of the year but they seem to be a hit especially my 10 Things in my Kitchen I Couldn’t Live Without and How to: Meringue. So building on their success I have some more ‘chatty posts’ planned for the next couple of months

How To: Cupcakes

A complete guide to making sure your cupcakes are perfect! I will also answer any questions people have had about making their cupcakes the best.

How To: Layer Cakes

I have posted quite a lot of layered cakes. I prefer three and four layered cakes which can be quite tricky to get right. So in this blog post, I will make sure all your questions are answered to make your cakes perfect.

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

I decided to document a typical day of running a blog. Including baking, photographing, writing a blog post.


How to Start Your Own Blog

I hope this blog will help anyone who would like to start their own blog but just don’t know where to start.

Basics of Baking

A guide of all the basics of baking to make sure whatever you bake turns out perfect each and every time.

Baking Starter Guide

If you would love to start baking and just don’t know where to start then this blog would be perfect for you.



I will also be working on a new online magazine called B.L.O.G Unwritten. The brainchild of Forever the Wanderer and Koral Dawn. The new magazine which will hopefully launch in May will bring you tips, tricks and information on blogging as well as lifestyle, mental health, travel, beauty, self-care and much more. It will also give me an opportunity to write in different areas away from baking.

I hope you are as excited about all these future posts as I am. If there are any bakes or chatty posts you would like to see and think I should add then let me know either my DM on Social Media, email or on the contact form on this site and if you would like more information on the B.L.O.G Unwritten then let me know and I will put you in contact with its creators.

You can find me on:






Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Sarah x

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